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How Do We Hear in Noise?

Imagine that you are seated at a table surrounded by several people all speaking at once. The number of sounds competing for your attention can be overwhelming. What enables you to tune into a single voice?  The precise reasons why the human ear has such amazing speech and sound decoding abilities has puzzled scientists for […]

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The Consequences of Untreated Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can give rise to a number of problems. Problems in recognizing speech, especially in noisy listening environments. A reduced ability to detect, identify and localize sounds quickly and reliably. Problems hearing on the telephone. Problems following a conversation when two or more people are talking at the same time. Individuals with a hearing […]

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Earwax and Hearing Aids

What is earwax? The production of earwax at any age is normal.  Earwax (the medical term for earwax is cerumen) is a protective product made by glands in the skin of the ear canal. Why do we have earwax? Earwax serves as a self-cleaning agent with protective, lubricating, and even bacterial properties.  Glands in the […]

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10 Signs That It’s Time to Get Hearing Aids

If you’re reading this post, in all likelihood either you already know you need hearing aids or you know someone who needs hearing aids.  Either way, here’s a list of 10 signs that you or they have enough of a problem to at least get a their hearing tested.  These signs/scenarios are written from the […]

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