Coronavirus Helping to Catch Hearing Loss Earlier

If you have untreated hearing loss, it may have become much more noticeable to you in the past few months for a very good reason.

From Kayla Molander of WTVG Toledo, Ohio

Between wearing a mask and social distancing, communicating has been a little harder for all of us, but for those with hearing loss, it’s even more so.

Audiologists across the country have noticed more people coming in to get their hearing checked. They explain that, for all of us, hearing and understanding is about more than just sounds. We also receive visual cues from facial expressions, body language, and lip-reading.

Now that our faces are covered, and we’re standing farther apart, some people are realizing just how much they rely on those cues.

“With those mild losses, they can get through it with visual cues previously, but without visual cues and the masks attenuating on our listening sounds as well, we’re uncovering these losses earlier, which is great,” says Dr. Julie Yeater, audiologist for Promedica Toledo Hospital.

The doctor says that hearing loss typically comes on gradually, so it’s hard to catch early, but that is key to long-term treatment.

If you notice that you are struggling to understand what’s being said when people are wearing masks, it may be time to get your hearing checked. Early detection and early treatment are key to resolving any health problem.